How To Reduce Back Pain When Working From Home


There seems to be many advantages to working from home, but as with most everything, there’s also disadvantages. We’re having to convert our homes into offices and work spaces. 

Back pain was an issue before working at home but now working from the sofa or kitchen table is causing even more back problems. Ordinary activities such as the way you sit or the way you lift objects can cause back pain if you’re not careful. Working for extended periods at your kitchen counter or sitting at your dining table with the wrong chair is not great for your body and overall health.

Your Remote Workspace

Working on your laptop daily can lead to back and neck pain. Many people are working at the kitchen counter or leaning over a coffee table and not sitting at a table or desk with a chair. The best way to reduce or even avoid back or neck pain is to make a few changes to your workstation.

Making your workspace comfortable will greatly increase your productivity and can help you physically feel your best. You will need to work comfortably for many hours at a time and maintain good posture, invest in a few practical office appliances that will serve to support your physical well-being. Proper office ergonomics will include the correct chair height, a footrest and a good desk posture that can help your muscles and joints stay comfortable.

Choosing the right ergonomic office chair is important. You will mostly be using the office chair for back support. Office chairs are not a one size fit all size. Your choice of office chairs could be the difference between having ongoing back pain or improve your comfort, health, and overall productivity.

Tips To Support Your Back

You’ve bought the chair that supports the curve of your lower back, but you might still have back pain while working. Before exchanging your chair, consider your work behavior, because it might not be your ergonomic office chair that’s not working.

  • Keep moving – You might watch your step count plummet when you work from home.
  • Watch your posture – Prolonged sitting and slouching forward may contribute to back pain.
  • Check your screen height – The height of your computer should not be set too high or too low.
  • Use your phone’s speaker – Pinning the phone between your neck and shoulder and working on the laptop at the same time may lead to stress to your back and hurts its muscles.

For Severe Back Pain, Call Us

While there are many steps you can take to avoid additional pain, sometimes medical intervention is necessary. At Bay Area Disc Center, we offer a variety of treatments to reduce or eliminate back pain from a variety of sources. We use top of the line technology and treatments to find the best treatment plan for you. Give us a call today to make an appointment!