Libby hails all the way from North Carolina where she grew up for most of her life. Here, she learned to love the East coast beaches, Appalachian mountains, and her hometown city, Charlotte. While her heart is in the Carolinas, she is learning to love all that the West coast has to offer! Libby made the transition across the country late summer of last year and has been on her feet ever since. With all that California has to offer, every weekend she is exploring something new. Libby especially loves when patients give her recommendations for new adventures, so don’t be shy!

Growing up with an active lifestyle, Libby quickly made the distinction that her passion laid within healthcare and exercise. While she was taught the importance of nutrition and physical care, Libby also discovered along the way a love for caring and nurturing those in need. In 2020, she graduated from Appalachian State University with a Bachelors in Exercise Science and plans to continue her education into the nursing field where she can make an even bigger impact. With prior experience in chiropractic care as well as cardiac/pulmonary rehabilitation, she is more than ready to care for the patients here at Bay Area Disc Centers. 



Audree is the office manager at Bay Area Disc Centers. She is a master at handling the flow of the office so patients rarely ever have to wait for their appointment. She’s been managing chiropractic offices in the Bay for over 6 years and is the biggest reason why our office runs so smoothly and on time. But her biggest attribute is her genuine caring and love for all the patients. She also loves the benefits and long-lasting effect of chiropractic care as she herself is a patient.




Amber is a Bay Area native, Star Wars fanatic and cat mom who began her holistic health journey in 2014. She went to the National Holistic Institute College of Massage Therapy in San Jose. She graduated from the core program with over 900 hours of training in January of 2015. She has worked in high end spas and chiropractic offices around the Bay Area as both a Massage Therapist and a Manager. Amber’s qualifications make her an excellent member of our team, she can assist you with a variety of therapies in the office and assist with all your scheduling needs. 

In her spare time, Amber likes to crochet, cook, and go to the beach. She crochets small plush toys, bags, and ecofriendly products like reusable produce bags and reusable cotton rounds. Some of her favorite dishes to make are braised short ribs and a traditional Serbian dish called Sarma. Her favorite beach to visit is Seascape Resort in Aptos and Natural Bridges in Santa Cruz. She is always looking for new beaches to explore, feel free to recommend some to her on your next visit!