Top Quality Sciatica Treatment in Campbell & San Mateo, CA

Sciatica is characterized by severe back pain and a distinct numbness or tingling in the leg. These conditions stem from pressure on the sciatic nerve, which is generally caused by a herniated, protruding, or diseased disc.

Here at Bay Area Disc Centers, Dr. Ferrigno and his team specialize in advanced, non-surgical sciatica treatment options. We have designed a five-step program, known as disc restoration therapy, to heal, hydrate, and protect the affected discs.

All About Sciatica

Sciatica occurs when there is extreme pressure put on the sciatic nerve. This nerve runs through the lower lumbar, where it exits the spine. Sciatica is often a complex issue, a symptom of degenerative disc disease, disc herniation, or disc protrusion. These conditions all cause the spinal discs to gradually retreat and pinch the sciatic nerve.

In advances sciatica cases, patients may experience overwhelming pain, tingling, and numbness within the leg. If you suffer from arthritis, you may experience symptoms similar to that of sciatica. There are many conditions that mimic sciatica. As such, diagnosis is difficult. But here at Bay Area Disc Centers, we utilize the most recent technologies and treatment/diagnosis procedures to provide better treatment overall.

At Bay Area Disc Centers, we primarily focus on treating severe disc injuries – the cause of most sciatica cases. You can schedule a free consultation, where we will discuss medical history and provide an examination and MRI assessment to better diagnose and treat your condition.

With extensive training and many years of experience, Dr. Ferrigno is better able to address sciatica symptoms and discomfort in patients of any age.

Schedule your consultation with Dr. Ferrigno and Bay Area Disc Centers for sciatica treatment. You can reach our office in Campbell, CA, by calling 408-866-0300. Or, call our office in San Mateo, CA, at 650-375-2545!