Facet Joint Syndrome Treatment

Your spine is sectioned off into levels. Each level functions as a three-joint system. In the back, there are two facet joints. In the front, a large disc comprises each intervertebral segment. This three-point system ensures your stability, weight support, and movement in just about any direction. Over time, through age or injury, the facet joints may become inflamed and lead to pain, soreness, and stiffness. This condition is known as facet joint syndrome. You may experience increased pain and discomfort when sitting or standing for too long. Changing your position may help.

Unfortunately, changing your sitting or standing position is a temporary solution. You need a long-term facet joint syndrome treatment plan in Campbell and San Mateo, CA. You need Bay Area Disc Centers, where we utilize advanced medical treatments and the latest technological advancements to provide relief.

With Dr. Ferrigno at the helm, Bay Area Disc Centers is able to address any pain or discomfort stemming from your facet joints. Through treatment, we are able to give you back full mobility.

Facet Arthrosis

Facet joint syndrome can be further broken down to facet arthrosis – an intervertebral disc disorder. The facet joints, or zygapophyseal joints, are cartilage-covered joints that limit the overall movement of the spine. As such, segmental stability is increased. But, if you experience hypertrophy of the vertebra, a painful arthrosis may occur. Essentially, the facet joints degenerate or wear down, becoming thinner and thinner.

As a result, the bones rub together or fail to move properly, causing pain, swelling, and stiffness.
Here at Bay Area Disc Centers, we are able to address this damage using our S.P.I.N.E. approach. Through five key treatment steps, we can help eliminate pain and discomfort.

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