Disc Injury Treatment

There are numerous spine-related health issues related to the intervertebral disc. The most significant being an injury caused by trauma or age. The disc itself is made of tough fibrous tissue with a soft, gelatinous center. Its purpose is to connect, space, and absorb shock along the spine. With a normal disc in place, you can easily turn and bend without any discomfort. But if the disc itself is damaged, even slight movements and everyday activities become strenuous and painful.

Here at Bay Area Disc Centers, we provide disc injury treatment using non-invasive methods. It is our primary goal to avoid spinal surgery for our patients. As such, you’ll find Dr. Ferrigno utilizes the most recent technologies and advanced disc injury treatment in Campbell and San Mateo, CA.

Through our eight-week program, which includes our S.P.I.N.E. approach, we are able to help patients suffering from chronic neck and lower back pain caused by a disc bulge or disc herniation – the two most common forms of disc injuries.

S.P.I.N.E. stands for Spinal Decompression, Physiotherapy, Inter-segmental Mobilization, Nutritional Support, and Exercise Rehabilitation. When implemented, this comprehensive treatment plan can ease your pain and discomfort and put your spinal discs on the path to improvement.

Disc Bulge/Herniation

The most common cause of discomfort and pain within a disc is a disc bulge or herniation. If the gelatinous center of the disc pushes in any direction, it begins to swell. The center remains contained, thanks to the fibrous tissue surrounding it, but the pressure of the disc bulge can often lead to excruciating pain. We can treat that pain using the above methods.

Find comfort in Dr. Ferrigno and his exceptional team if you suffer from a disc injury in Campbell and San Mateo, CA. Schedule your first appointment by calling (408) 866-0300 (Campbell) / (650) 375-2545 (San Mateo)!