What is Degenerative Disc Disease and How Can It Be Treated?

Learn about degenerative disc disease and treatment options

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Degenerative disc disease can cause an incredible amount of pain in those affected by this condition. It is typically caused by a damaged disc as a result of changes to the spine and the surrounding discs. As you age, and as a result of certain back or spine injuries, the spine and discs can experience higher-than-usual levels of wear and tear.

Unfortunately, when normal wear and tear levels are surpassed, degenerative disc disease can occur, leading to a high level of pain, limited mobility, and other adverse symptoms.

Degenerative Disc Disease Causes and Symptoms

Degenerative disc disease can be caused by drying and cracks in the discs. Spinal discs are primarily made up of water, and as we age, the discs begin to lose their water, which can make them increasingly brittle. When the discs become brittle, they can cause debilitating levels of pain. Everyday movements over a lifetime and minor back injuries can cause cracks, which can then lead to degenerative disc disease.

There are several common symptoms associated with degenerative disc disease. These symptoms can include:

  • Reoccurring muscle spasms and tension
  • Spinal instability that makes you feel as if your neck and back aren’t being properly supported
  • An increase in pain (dull or shooting) that occurs when you complete certain bends or twists in the spine
  • Pain that radiates to the shoulder, hand, and/or arm
  • Subsiding pain when positions are changed, or after mild stretching

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, seek out the help of the spinal experts at Bay Area Disc Centers. Dr. Ferrigno and his team are dedicated to helping patients receive the proper medical treatment needed to relieve and correct their symptoms.

One of our proven degenerative disc treatment solutions is disc restoration therapy with our 5-step S.P.I.N.E. approach which focuses on Spinal Decompression, Physiotherapy, Inter-segmental Mobilization, Nutritional Support, and Exercise Rehabilitation.

This five-step treatment plan is designed to achieve the following:

  • Heal and rehydrate the injured disc
  • Physiotherapy treatments to promote disc healing, including ice and heat, cold laser, and electric muscle stimulation therapies
  • Inter-segmental mobilization to restore function and improve motion
  • Nutritional support to help improve disc health
  • Exercise rehabilitation to strengthen the muscles that surround the disc and spine

At its core, disc restoration therapy helps to ease pain, heal injured discs, and improve the life of patients who were previously immobile or experiencing debilitating levels of discomfort.

Begin Your Degenerative Disc Treatment Today at Bay Area Disc Centers

Don’t spend another moment in pain from a degenerative disc. Dr. Ferrigno and his team of professionals at Bay Area Disc Centers are standing by to help treat and heal your degenerative disc disease. To alleviate your suffering and enjoy the benefits of disc restoration therapy, schedule a consultation today at one of our San Mateo or Campbell, California locations.