What Is a Herniated Disc and How Is It Treated in San Mateo?

Herniated Disc therapy in San Mateo, CA

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If you’ve been told that you have a herniated disc in your back, you may have been left with more questions than answers. What does this diagnosis mean? What are the symptoms of a herniated disc? What are your treatment options in and near San Mateo? Here’s a quick look at all of those questions to help you get back on your feet again.

What Is a Herniated Disc?

As one of the most common vertebral disc injuries, a herniated disc or bulging disc happens when the gelatinous center of a disc in your back shifts position out of the center, causing swelling and putting pressure on specific nerves and areas of your back. This pressure causes significant, disabling pain. The fibrous tissue that surrounds the disc keeps the gelatinous center from moving out from between your vertebrae completely. A herniated disc is most commonly caused by trauma or injury, though the cumulative effects of aging can also cause this to become a painful problem.

What Are the Symptoms of a Herniated Disc?

There are a number of different symptoms that can indicate that you have a herniated disc. These include numbness in the extremities, tingling sensations, shooting pain that moves down the limbs or throbbing pain in the back or neck itself. Because of the central role that the neck and spine have in movement, it’s very easy to aggravate a herniated disc, causing moderate to severe pain.

What Are My Treatment Options for a Herniated Disc Near San Mateo?

Fortunately, there are numerous treatment options available. These include the following, which may be recommended or not based on an assessment of your disc and symptoms:

  • Spinal Decompression: A special table is used to gently stretch the area around the affected disc. This allows the pressure that is on the herniated disc to be relieved, allowing it to begin healing.
  • Physiotherapy: Anti-inflammatory treatments including cold, muscle stimulation and laser therapy to promote healing without causing additional swelling.
  • Inter-Segmental Mobilization: A trained team of chiropractic physicians use mobilization techniques to restore movement while minimizing pain in the process.
  • Nutritional Support: Information is provided on how specific nutritional goals speed healing through detoxification and providing your body what it needs to heal.
  • Exercise Rehabilitation: If your spine doesn’t have the proper support, it’s much easier to have a herniated disc recur. For this reason, we recommend including an exercise regimen to strengthen your core muscles.

A herniated disc can be painful and difficult to live with, but by knowing what kind of treatment options you have in the San Mateo area, you can work on improving your condition and getting back to life as normal. If you need help managing the symptoms of a herniated disc, our experienced practitioners would be happy to treat your pain and help you get back on your feet again.