What Can I Do to Relieve Lower Back Pain in Between Treatments?


It is not uncommon for people who are seeking treatment for lower back pain to experience pain in
between scheduled treatments. If you suddenly experience pain in your lower back area in between
your scheduled appointments, you may find the following things helpful in temporarily relieving your

Heat Therapy

Many times, the pain you experience in your lower back is caused by inflammation of the muscles.
Applying a heating pad to the lower back area for approximately 20 minutes may relieve some of your
pain. The pain is relieved as the heat increases blood flow to the inflamed muscles. Increased blood flow
to the sore and painful muscles can sometimes help reduce inflammation.

Over-the-Counter Pain Medication

Over-the-counter pain medications, such as aspirin or ibuprofen, can be taken to relieve lower back pain
in between treatments.

Before taking any type of over-the-counter pain medication, it is important that you speak with your
healthcare provider or chiropractor. Your healthcare provider or chiropractor can help you determine if
it is safe to take over-the-counter pain medication or if there may be a potential interaction with other


Increasing flexibility and range of motion of the lower back can often help relieve pain. The only way to
increase flexibility and range of motion is to perform specific exercises. Your chiropractor can show you
which lower back exercises that you can do in between treatments to help you not only increase your
flexibility and range of motion but also relieve any pain you may be experiencing.

Speak with Your Chiropractor to Discover How to Relieve Pain in Between Treatments

If you are concerned about experiencing pain in between scheduled appointments for treatments, you
can speak with your chiropractor. Your chiropractor can provide you with personalized
recommendations for things you can do to relieve lower back pain.

Find Relief for Your Lower Back Pain by Scheduling an Appointment with a Chiropractor

Lower back pain can prevent you from enjoying favorite activities or just performing everyday tasks. If
you suffer from lower back pain, call Bay Area Disc Centers to speak with our experienced chiropractor
about what treatments may be able to help you find relief from your pain.

Dr. Thomas Ferrigno at Bay Area Disc Centers has experience treating a wide variety of causes of lower
back pain. We have experience creating treatment plans for fractures, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc
disease, and disc herniation. Treatment plans are customized to meet the individual needs of our
patients and can include a combination of treatment options that range from spinal decompression
tables to laser machines and spinal manipulation.

Call our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ferrigno to discover possible treatment options that
maybe able to help you find relief from lower back pain.