Could Your Pain Be from a Slipped Disc?

lower back pain due to slipped disc - San Matteo & Campbell, CA

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Back pain can feel overwhelming. You’re probably not worried about a slipped disc. Most of us think that back pain is just from sleeping wrong or exercising too hard. But you should never ignore back pain of any kind! You want to get it checked out in case it begins to worsen.

Your best bet is to visit a local practitioner and receive treatment promptly.

Signs of a Slipped Disc

Determining which problem you have — regular back pain or a slipped disc — should be left to your doctor. You, while at home, can listen to the symptoms, though. One of the most common signs of a slipped disc is the pain itself. Where is it located? Such pain can occur anywhere in your spine, but it is most common in the lower back — the lumbar spine — with a herniated disc. The pain may eventually spread to your buttocks, thighs and as far down as the calves.

Eventually, the discomfort will worsen when you’re active and lessen as you rest. Even excessive coughing or sneezing can aggravate the pain, as each one puts excess pressure on the pinched nerve within your spine.

Slipped Disc Diagnosis

The best method to diagnose a slipped disc is to visit your doctor.

Once you’re at your appointment, your doctor will perform a physical exam to find the source of the pain. This is typically the only procedure you’ll endure. If your doctor wishes to rule out any other common back conditions, they may schedule a few other tests, such as an x-ray.

Slipped Disc Treatment

The treatment for a slipped disc is generally simple and straightforward. Your options include:

  • Rest — Take a few days off from work, exercise and stress can really do wonders for your back. You may need one or two days off your feet and in bed.
  • Medications — Your doctor may tell you to take over-the-counter pain medications, such as ibuprofen or naproxen. These help relieve the pain and reduce swelling.
  • Physical Therapy — Another worthwhile option is physical therapy. There are some gentle exercises that help to improve the symptoms of a slipped disc. These include aerobics, stretching exercises and electrical muscle stimulation.

If you suspect a slipped disc, visit Bay Area Disc Centers for a full diagnosis and treatment. You can reach us at 408-866-0300!