6 Reasons Why Sitting Is Wreaking Havoc on Your Spine


If you’re like many people seeking back pain treatment in Campbell, you spend a significant amount of your time sitting. Whether it’s at a desk job with little to no menial labor involvement or in front of the television, the time adds up quickly.

Unfortunately, all that sitting is wreaking havoc on your spine and spinal health, not to mention a lot of other areas. In the following blog post, we will be examining six ways that sitting is harming your spinal health and what you can do to overcome them. Let’s begin! 


1. Poor Posture

When you sit for extended periods of time, it’s easy to slouch and take a bad posture. This puts extra stress on your spine and can lead to pain and discomfort over time. It also affects how other parts of your body operate by compressing organs, which can lead to fatigue and headaches. 


2. Weak Core Muscles

Sitting causes the muscles in the core of your body (abdominals and back) to become weak and inactive over time, leading to poor posture and ineffective movement patterns that can cause pain when standing or walking. Strengthening these core muscles can help correct poor posture and reduce pain associated with sitting for too long. 


3. Disc Compression

Sitting for prolonged periods of time puts pressure on the discs in your spine, leading to disc compression or herniation, which causes pain in the lower back or neck area as well as numbness or tingling sensations down one leg or arm due to nerve impingement caused by the disc compression.  


4. Poor Circulation

When you sit in one position for too long without moving around, circulation is restricted throughout your body, including blood flow to the spine area. This lack of circulation leads to tightness in muscles surrounding the spine as well as inflammation that can trigger pain even hours after standing up from sitting for long periods of time. 


5. Reduced Flexibility

Hours spent sitting every day leads to reduced flexibility in your hips due to tightness in hip flexors—the muscles responsible for flexing our hips when we squat down—which further restricts movement when standing up from a seated position contributing even more to chronic lower back pain issues caused by years spent sitting every day without breaks or stretching exercises in between work sessions.


6. Muscle Imbalances

Prolonged sitting can also lead to muscle imbalances throughout our entire bodies where some muscle groups become tight while others become weak due to disuse over years spent stuck behind a desk chair or couch cushion.

This leads to further imbalance issues that cause misalignment problems within our postural chain creating even more chronic aches and pains when attempting everyday activities such as lifting groceries out of our car trunks or reaching overhead into kitchen cupboards. 


Seek Help for Back Pain Treatment in Campbell, CA’s Most Reputable Clinic

Sitting is an unavoidable part of life but there are ways that you can minimize its impact on your spinal health. Taking frequent standing breaks throughout the day helps keep our spines healthy by pumping fresh blood into them which prevents stiffness from setting in after too much stillness has occurred.

Additionally, stretching exercises target those tight areas around our hips opening them up again so we don’t experience any extra restrictions. Last but not least, strengthening our core muscles will give us a better support system going forward so that every activity we do doesn’t end with us feeling like we just got run over by a truck afterward!

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your spine stays healthy despite having a job that requires you to spend most of your days in a chair. Still, sometimes you may need extra support. And that’s where Bay Area Disc Centers comes in. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment or follow-up!